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5 d

My boyfriend was married before and it bothers me. Is this normal?

Sure thing. So, if a married male coworker likes you, there are a few signs to look out for. First, if he always finds reasons to be around you or starts conversations for no real reason, that's a... Relationships

14 d

What are the things to say to get her in the mood?

To set the mood, begin with sincere compliments about her looks and personality: "You look stunning tonight," or "I love how your mind works." Express your feelings and appreciation: "I feel... Relationships

15 d

Should I delete all photos of my ex?

Deciding whether to delete photos of your ex can be a tough call and really depends on how you're feeling and what you need to move on. If seeing those photos keeps you stuck in the past or... Break Up & Divorce

2 mo

Haven't heard from him in 2 days. Should I text him?

It depends on the context of your relationship and the nature of your last interaction. If everything was fine and he's just been busy, a friendly message checking in could be a nice gesture.... Dating

3 mo

How long you should wait until you move in together?

Deciding when to move in with your partner is a significant decision that varies widely between couples based on individual circumstances, comfort levels, and relationship dynamics. There's no... Relationships

3 mo

Is it immature to breakup with my boyfriend over Instagram?

Honestly, it might feel like the easy way out, but it's generally considered not the best way to handle things. Here's the thing—breakups are tough, no matter how you slice it. Doing it over... Break Up & Divorce

4 mo

Do you think a Muslim person and a Christian person can have a romantic relationship?

Absolutely, a Muslim person and a Christian person can have a romantic relationship. Love, after all, knows no boundaries, be they cultural, religious, or otherwise. Here's the real talk:... Relationships

5 mo

When someone says ''I am in no-strings-attached relationship" what does he refer to?

When someone says they're in one of these, they're talking about a setup that's as casual as a pair of flip-flops at a beach party. Imagine two people deciding to hang out, have fun, and maybe get... Relationships

5 mo

How do someone know if they are truly happy in their relationship?

Imagine wearing your favorite, beat-up hoodie. It's not exactly high fashion, but it's comfy, it's familiar, and it's yours. It's that no-frills, cozy feeling of being with someone where you can... Relationships

6 mo

What are the best examples of love-hate relationships?

They're like the jalapeƱo of human connections – spicy, intense, and not for the faint of heart. Let's talk about some classic examples where you can't decide whether to root for them or buy them... Relationships

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