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Born as the first child of my paternal Grandfather's eldest son an ostensibly Roman Catholic family. At age 7 I was taken under the wing of a man who ostensibly didn't like kids; WE got along swimmingly. Was given by said granddad a ceremonial magic talisman after he's asked if I say my prayers nightly. Was told to place the talisman under my pillow and to add a short incantation to nightly prayers. 3 nights later Mom overheard my Vespers and we didn't go see Grandad for nearly a year! Our family was lower middleclass in a PA steeltown. I inherited Dad's artistic bent. Educated parochially, with a kid's typical fascination regarding historical underpinnings of film 'monsters', understood fear of giant ants, apes & dinos but from where Witches, 'satanic' Sorcerers and Vampires? Proudest moment was earning an Andrew Carnegie library card, could now SELF educate on 'forbidden' subjects. Read voraciously, 1969 Fr. John Wellinger invited me to be the Lay Laison for Mt. Mercy Catholic College on Age of Aquarius Magick, Witchcraft and Satanism. 1971 taught at PSU's Alternate Univ. re: 'Applied Parapsychology'. Rose thru ranks of Granddad's magickal Lodge (S:.S:.S:.) 3rd level by 1973. B.A. in Graphics Design. Minor in Comparative Religion Theosophy. Enlisted 6/73 as Combat Photog. Top Secret White House clearance. Shot Pres Carter's inauguration & 1976 Bicentennial. 1977 relo'd to Rutland, VT worked as Adult Bookstore Mgr & VT's only Strip Club for Rhode Island Mafia. Then Campus Police for Grn Mtn College leading to VT Police Academy's 33rd Recruit class. Graduated top 5th. Served Burlington PD and later Private Investigator Care Sec. Int'l. Certified ASLET & American College of Forensic Examiners in Int'l Human trafficking for 30 yrs. Appointed Elder, Rowan Grove Pagan Church since 1996; Catechist, Priory of the Goddess 2018 thru present. Handhasted 11/09/2013 Photo-compositing Artist on Deviant Art on Craft subjects. Home: Deltona, FL through present ;)

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