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What Plans are You making with your Partner for New Year's?

Almost nothing... in small group, eat a little something and watch some TV. Nothing special. Holidays

+1 y

So what is your general impression of me on here?

We belong to the furniture over here Sarah 😉😁 What I think about you is quite simple, you were, are and will probably always be a nice and correct person. Your partner is one lucky girl! G@G Community

+1 y

If you had to make an adult stocking for a parent, grandparent, or S. O, what are some nonsnack things to include in it?

I'd just put that outfit under the tree Desi, check if she'd love to dress up in that. I'd need to hire a Santa uniform as well I guess, to make up :D Holidays

+1 y

Anyone feeling like me on this Valentine’s day?

I was very busy at work so had little time to realize it was Valentines day... but indeed being alone and missing someone to love is not the nicest way to pass the love holiday :o Valentine's Day

+1 y

Hows everyones Valentine day going?

Apart from hearing people wish each other happy Valentine I hardly noticed it was Valentine :o Valentine's Day

+1 y

Anyone has suggestions on what to gift a tom boy lesbian for Valentine's?

The nicest present is always something to do together... restaurant visit, stay in a hotel (maybe with a brunch), hot air balloon ride, nice venue to visit together,... Long time no hear, nice... Valentine's Day

+1 y

Are you single on Valentine's Day?

Come to Belgium... I am haha :o Valentine's Day

+1 y

What is your favorite pair of valentines day themed leggings?

Those pink love leggings are gorgeous :D Valentine's Day

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