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Just love video games, my top 5 favorite series being: 1) Far Cry 2) Fallout 3) Mass Effect 4) Dragon Age 5) GTA IV and V "Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again expecting shit to change. That. Is. Crazy."- Vaas Montenegro "What a job, poker. Ask anyone on the street and they'll say it's a game of chance. Or talk to Sam here, and he'll say it's about bluffing. But it's not, is it? It's about keeping you playing, until the house collects!"- Hoyt Volker "We can pick the game, Niko Bellic. But we cannot change the rules."- Dimitri Rascalov "You're fucking A right it's sarcasm, you fuck! A few weeks ago, I was happily retired, sulking by my swimming pool, and my psychotic best friend shows up out of nowhere to torture me over mistakes I made, honest mistakes I made over a decade ago! We, our little posse, are flat fucking broke, but hey, let's go out and spend two million dollars on a tandem rotor fucking chopper, so I can go steal nerve gas from fucking terrorists! Forgive me you ignorant fuck, but sarcasm is all I've fucking got! Sarcasm, and a room full of you cunts!"- Michael de Santa "Hello! Did we enjoy our time with the CIA? I apologize for the Spartan accommodations, but you have been a naughty little shit haven't you? Gallavanting around with the Golden Path. And poor Paul! Are you still sore about what he did to your little monkey friend? Um what was his name, Deadpan, dipshit, doorknob..."- Pagan "Did you think you were free? Now, your little buddy went through all that trouble for nothing, but that's okay. He knows better now. I told you, you're not a hero. You are a tool, and you know your purpose. You've known that from the beginning. "- Jacob Seed

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