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Hey There!

South Asian woman here. I was born and raised in Mumbai and that's me in my profile picture.

Why did I choose to be a part of this site?
I like to read others opinons and perspective and share mine, as well. It's been over 4 years since I became a member on here. I've made lot of friends here, and it's one of the reasons why I'm haven't deactivated yet. I sign in every now and then. 😅 I usually goof around but I give serious advice and give blunt opinions whenever situation needs it. If you want my advice/ suggestion, please just let me know. :) (PS- Please do NOT send me sexual messages, I won't respond. Any creep who gets persistent will get blocked.)

My biggest goals in life are travelling around the world, helping as many people as I can and adopting a child after few years. Please wish me luck!

That's it. Hope you are having an Amazing Day! <3 🤗 <3

From: India

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