How to tan when your are already tanned?

Hi! So im going on vacation to punta cana soon, and i was wondering how to tan when you are already tanned. Right now my skin has a yellow tone (im indian and guyanese) and i haven't gone on a vacation (or been outside) for a very long time. When i was little i would burn really really bad though and come home about 10 shades darker. I would love to get a nice bronzy tan when I am there.

Any tips?


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  • Be careful, you might start to look like this guy.

  • Don't use a bronze tanning solution, they look unnatural. Use a high SPF one. You have the ability to get very dark, so choose the SPF to get your color to where you want it.. And believe it or not "beta carotene " will give you a bronze coloring, and I know that's true because when I was a baby mom took me to the Doctor because my cheeks were super rosy and my coloring was getting different. It was because I loved carrots and she feed me a lot of them, the beta carotene in the carrots changed my color. I also read here that it's recommend to augment tanning and gives a bronze glow. Unfortunately, I forgot the dosage (no tanning issue here). Look into that. Good luck and enjoy your vacation

  • Very exotic tanned xD

  • I would suggest you not to tan. Girls are more beautiful when they are pale.


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  • If you are already 'Tanned,' @Beccarex12, then Just Put on a Nice Bronzing suntan lotion that will Enhance this Tan More.
    I go to the Tanning salon every Few weeks to Maintain my Tan. I use a Great lotion that Helps me Continue this, and it always looks Nice, Natural.
    Good luck and Enjoy. xx

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      Hi! okay so would this lotion make me more dark, or just give me that bronze look when tanning? :)

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      Sorry! Just one more question! :) would you recommend just tanning alone or with the lotion? I'm going on vacation so I don't want to be too dark just bronzey

      Thank you for the help very sweet! :)

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      You Need something on you when you are Out there, so choose something. Don't Tan alone, not good for the skin. And laying in the sun is worse for you. maybe swim in it, play in it or walk or whatever in it, but never just lay in it. Forgot to mention this. lol
      Oh, thank you, hun, happy t Help before you go away. xx