Guys Hate Me; Should I Kill Myself?

Guys think I'm really ugly. They either ignore me, or mock me behind my back/to my face. I've done everything I can (weight loss, make-up) but guys still aren't attracted to me. They won't even send me messages online.

I'm 27, and it looks more and more like I'm going to spend my life single and alone. (All my friends are married.) I really, really want a husband and a family, but that is just never gonna happen.

Should I kill myself?


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  • Acually it sounds like your trying to hard..

    And no don't kill your self..

    just Be yourself... Belive in yourself

    Trust yourself... And don't compare yourself to others.

    Everyone is diffrent and love comes at its own time

    and one last word of advice...

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    And that dosnt mean everyone sees you the same way.. The opposite acualy..

    It means when you find that special guy or he finds you.. no matter what he will see a beautiful attractive woman that you are

    Dont give up

    Hes out there for you

    And again I say.. Be yourself..

    My bride to be tried to hide the fact she liked Pokemon.. But its her. When she.finnaly told me I suprized her when I pulled out my old cards


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  • be patient. One of my good friends is in the same shoes as you. Out of all my years of dating and serious relationships, I've noticed that the BIGGEST thing about this stuff is patience.

    One day you'll meet a good guy. Get a positive attitude, be outgoing, and be yourself.

  • My best female friend is overweight too and has a nice palmares of affairs.

    Put that smile on your face and more guys will see you.

    • I did. On Saturday I was even out at a Pride festival in a corset, fishnets and knee-high boots smiling and handing out fliers, and not a single guy paid attention to me. They were all over my friend, though...

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    • "I was even out at a Pride festival" You DO realize that the majority of the men there were GAY, right? And that many of the straight ones likely assumed you were gay yourself.

      Try wearing the same thing at a HETEROsexual event, and I'm sure you'll get a much different response.

    • But some of the guys flirted with the other girls in the booth... If they were gay, why would they hit on those girls and not me?

  • It sounds a bit like you're trolling. If not, then don't kill yourself.

    • I'm not trolling, just really ugly and depressed.

    • Well then talk to somebody about it. I'm sure you'll feel a bit better after that, I know I felt better after doing so.

  • No, you should kill others.


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  • you need to snap out of this wallowing in self-loathing and find a life coach who will tell you where you are going wrong,"if the mountain won't come to mohammed."You need to go join places were there are more sport clubs, gyms, comic book stores,starbucks,bars,cat sanctuary,whatever it may be. My sister was 34 when she got married, she had met her soul mate at a kite surfing lesson,prior to that she had little or no luck with men so it just goes to show its these little changes to our schedules,little steps outside our comfort zones is where these unique encounters happen.

    My sister had given up on men along time ago,instead she chose to have a life of her own and then even to this day she can't believe she met paul at a kite surfing lesson,she had a dozen excuses not to go but she sure is glad to this day she got off her ass and went.

    its not about looks or a fiery personality...its attitude and fighting spirit!

  • You are pathetic, why the f*** would you waste your life only caring about what some guys think of you? You sound like a shallow child. Grow up.

    • It's not just SOME guys, it's ALL guys. I want a husband and a family. That's what I want out of life, and I'm never gonna get it because guys think I'm disgusting. Who wouldn't be sad about that?

  • Definitely not. Personality and character outshine looks so try to build that up. Don't forget all your family and friends - they're more important to you than anyone else really. Remember, if you're finding a guy, he's only ONE guy. People have preferences so don't get down if they don't pick you.

    It is not worth killing yourself just because you haven't found the right guy (singular/hubby material).

    • But I'm never gonna find the right guy. Not a single guy has ever found me attractive. I try to have a good personality, but it just doesn't help...

    • Love is fulfillng but it's not easy to find that one guy that just clicks. I believe that there must have been a guy somewhere along the line that has found you attractive and never told you. If you find guys that are attracted to you, there's no guarantee that it'll work out and there's usually a lot of heartache involved with that. You learn from it but I still think there are more important things to focus on.