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Girls, why are men expected to be traditional role-models in modern day relationships?

I find the best men actually aren’t very traditional but I understand that’s due to my own preferences. I’d much rather my guy cook us a meal than pay my bills. Society & Politics

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Do you support YouTube's decision of having the dislike counter removed?

Indifferent. I definitely don’t think it’s “censorship” lol People are still free to dislike something. They can still write about it in the comments. Or just, you know, dislike it privately... Society & Politics

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Couples who live together, how do you split expenses like groceries and household supplies?

You could do two separate transactions, one with the money he gave you and only the items he wants. That way he has no room to argue because every dollar he gives you will be itemized on the... Relationships

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Watching the news media tends to make me sad and/or angry. Does this mean that the news media has power over me?

That’s what it’s designed to do. The media are strategically tapped into the human psyche and it’s triggers. Are you looking to change the way you think about the news or change what news you consume? Society & Politics

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What is your moral alignment?

I bounce between neutral good and chaotic good. Society & Politics

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This new guy I'm seeing constantly thinks I'm cheating? Should I break up with him?

This is not a relationship. You’ve never met this guy. You’re pretending. And he’s trying to control and manipulate you. You owe him nothing she you should never have to justify going out with... Relationships

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Why is hate speech towards men not condemned?

I think it’s pretty well condemned in some environments, like this one for example. Society & Politics

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Is it ok to order your lover to cook and clean if they are submissive to you?

No. No one can me made to do things like that in a relationship against their will. Relationships

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How do I satisfy my desires for rough sex without ruining my relationship?

Congratulations you finally found a grown woman who doesn’t put up with bs. Now it’s your turn to learn to love it. Relationships

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AM I wrong for being angry at my dad?

I find this whole story odd like a child wrote it. Holidays

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Why does society try to screw men over? Especially when it comes to women?

Ask any happy relationship of over 10 years what it takes to get there. You might be surprised. Society & Politics

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Should Trump had been jailed for his part in the 1/6 riots?

Maybe. Personally I’d just like to see him properly. Maybe beg a little. Society & Politics

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Why have so many males in general becoming obnoxious douchebags?

Most guys like this are masking low self esteem. It’s an act. Look at the male depression and suicide rates. It tells a much different story than what they want the world to see on tinder. Society & Politics

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Is this conversation gaslighting? Texts between my boyfriend and I. ?

I think he’s tone deaf about relationship etiquette. OR he’s already made up his mind about moving and doesn’t want you involved enough to interfere but doesn’t want it to seem that way so he’s... Relationships

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Do you agree that many psychologists and psychiatrists tend to be narcissists and have superiority complexes?

I suppose it’s possible but more often than not, clients are triggered by them for knowing them better than they know themselves. Society & Politics

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Boyfriend REFUSES to share any passwords with me, dealbreaker?

It’s been 12 months. Has he done anything to break trust? If not, then I agree with him. I don’t give out my passwords either. Relationships

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