The Real Secret To Spiritual Success and Material Too

The bible says that humility and the fear of the Lord leads to wealth and life and honour. Now riches is more than just money: it involves high quality relationships, positive impact, high self confidence, meaning,...
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The Healing Properties of Love and Kindness - Bible Talk

I learned this week that goodness has healing properties: I was in a group counselling seminar and giving advice to two depressed people who were struggling with their issues and I realized that as I activated my parietal...
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How I define humility by balancing the idea of self love with modesty - bible talk

To me humility is about being excellent in service and private social performance and not about being excellent in results or reputation because Jesus said your reputation can change and so can your results but your...
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Why a lazy person isn’t always villainous - Bible Talk

A Harvard Educated Angela Duckworth said the greatest determinant in your ability to succeed is your grit which is your ability to persevere and conquer and trouble shoot difficult and challenging situations but I believe...
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Why I believe Caring and Helpful Volunteers Live Longer. Bible Talk.

I am reading a book right now and they discussed how one city had an unusually higher number of people who had lived past 100 years. The researcher spent tons of money researching their diet and their lifestyle and their...
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Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)

As a "ladies man" I have spoken to a lot of women over the years. While I am done a mytake called "Why Women Are Single" I have been holding my breath and tongue for awhile about you men out there. I have had women come...
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The Most Influential Asian/Pacific People in the History of the United States of America (Part 1)

Note: I'm not of Asian, and/or Pacific Descent. I'm not claiming to know what it's like to experience life as someone from this heritage, nor am I claiming these are the absolute most influential people of this race. I'm...
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Some German Rap to spice up your Playlist

Since I love rap and haven't written a take featuring some new German rap songs, here you go. Most of these songs have foreign languages mixed in, but each song includes German bits, so I hope you enjoy my compilation....
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I reached out to my ex

After realising that my life would soon change completely, I reached out to my therapist and my ex, mainly because those were the most important people in my life at one point. Why my ex? I had high expectations with my...
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What this Jewish woman taught me about songs of Solomon

The woman’s initials are R.V. And she wrote a book called “Finding the woman of valour,” which is the Jewish translation of a word that in English is substituted with the term, “Godly.” In this book she talks about how...
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Getting over someone by getting under someone else - why rebounds can be a good thing

As I'm getting out my post vaccine fever, I found myself re-thinking about some discussions and talks I've had over the years, I started thinking about rebound relationships. Rebound relationships get a bad rep, but...
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Confucius was deeply mistaken but also brilliant

Today, during my weekly creative writers group, we were asked to write about a hero in our lives and even though I usually have no difficulty with prompts, I realized I could not find somebody in my past or current life...
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Why I think Justin might have rejected Selena - Bible Talk

1. Maybe he wanted something natural and not cosmetically constructed: When your making millions and everybody is trying to win your approval and tell you what you want to hear, the one who resists your will and tells you...
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How I view the contradictory bible verses on money

Jesus said you cannot serve both money and God and gave a story about the rich man who lived comfortably and beautifully and than died while the wounded victim at his gate died and received everlasting peace. But Abraham...
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Why the Bible Is Right About God Lengthening Life - Science

I’ve read over 54 books in the last 40 weeks on positive psychology and I also read 2-4 journal articles on physical and mental and interpersonal health each day and these are some of the things I learned through my...
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More Meanings for Salt in Bible Scripture

Jesus said in Matthew 5 that you are the salt of the earth and salt is good but if a salt losses it’s saltiness, how can it’s saltiness be restored? It is good neither for the soil, nor for the manure pile, it is good...
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The creative/art paradox.

If you are an artist, a creative, open person, you probably can't afford to own art. If you can afford to own art, you probably aren't a creative. The 'invisible hand' of the 'market' ensures no one is happy. By forcing...
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Salk Institute: Spike Proteins in Covid Vaccine can cause Serious Harm

Per researchers from Salk Institute: “The fundamental and technological basis –on which all of the vaccines that were distributed in the West– is flawed. We thought that the spike protein would only enter the cells to...
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Stay at Home Dads. Not that crazy.

It is often said, in old times men were the providers. The hunters, the bosses etc. Which I can actually understand. But today is different from then, today we aren't really allowed to hunt for our own food without...
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My "Life Isn't Fair" Journal Entry/Rant

I just woke up. I had a bad dream. A realistic one. I have so many thoughts racing through my head right now, all jumbled and chaotic like a tornado. I was thinking about why I was unhappy with myself. Why I despise...
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