The 12 Keys to Prosperity - Basic Version - What I learned from Personal Research

Passion = You have to find your glory and your dream and your hope and your belief powered goal Struggle = You have to wrestle against a lack of profit, a lack of emptiness and a lack of experience to succeed Excellence =...
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What's your favourite video about music?

Ntoe that I am asking about videos ABOUT music. These can be interviews with artists, interviews with people who don't make music themselves about music they like etc. Mine is probably this one, because I like the author...
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My Most Excellent 80's Summer 2020 Mix

This time there was much less a flow and simply songs that I connected with. Some songs I am revisiting from hearing again and others I am rehearing in a new way. It's interesting, a couple years back I would have pushed...
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Greatest German military songs composed so far

Germany has arguably composed the greatest military songs out every country. Many German military songs are so great that they have been adopted by foreign countries like Japan, Chile the UK and Brazil. Below are my...
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From a girl’s perspective.

I thought I would spend time sharing things from a girl’s perspective so that maybe guys can take some time to potentially understand us a bit better. If a guy wants to make a post for them, that would be super awesome...
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Covid19 how this Prepper was ready for it.

I grew up in a Prepper home and my father tried to prep for most eventualities which came good during some extreme weather and natural catastrophes. I have my own house and I prepped just like my Daddy taught me. I'm a...
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The Cosmology of chess, love and passion for a game of intense strategy.

The point of this take is to share my love of chess with other players, mainly those that are not so good, or never studied the game intensively. After both players move, there are 400 possible board setups that can...
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My Super Summer Seventies 2020 Mix

I was thinking of possibly doing 80's and 90's too but I am going to start with this for now. This is not going to be as detailed as my other song lists because this is simply about the flow of the music per say. Each...
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The One Question Every Woman Hates that is More Important than Any Other

This is such a revealing question! Ask early on! Darius says, "You as a man are a business. Your time is not to be played want to deal with only quality people...Women...
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Books I recommend for learning German (classics)

Since I only really like classics, here are the books I recommend for diving into Central European and German culture. I mostly chose fairly short books because I know from experience that it’s very hard to motivate...
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Greatest boxing bouts of all time that I've watched on television or in the arena.

I joined my parents and my brothers for a video conference on Microsoft Teams earlier. We all noticed that we had our TVs on in the background and re-runs of boxing matches were being broadcast. That moment led us to...
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Why Dating is Equivalent to Playing Russian Roulette

1. There are 50% Chance of Dating Ending in Failure First factor that makes dating equal to playing Russian Roulette is that there are 50% chance of dating ending in failure. With 50% chance of dating ending in failure,...
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Commitment in an unlabelled relationship. Is it possible?

I’ll be honest, when I met my man, and we agreed to not being in a relationship but seeing where it goes and having fun along the way, I thought that this arrangement might last a few months and we would either decide it...
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Men and Women: Two Opposing Worlds 🌕🌑

[Warning: Long take!] I feel like I need to write this because there are so many people that misunderstand the opposite sex on so many fundamental issues. Many of them are biological aspects, and others are cultural. So,...
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Some Encouragement I found for planning my life during this unproductive time - a Biblical View

A pastor said "God does not choose the qualified - he qualifies the chosen." Meaning you don't have to have the skills or experience or knowledge when you first begin your career or your religious pursuit or your social...
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Feminism, MGTOW, and What I Learned Playing Devils Advocate in MyTake

For the past year or so I have engaged in a type of "clickbait" social experiment of users in the GAG community. The idea was to put forward an outlandish or controversial opinion from both sides of the societal...
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Why Do Women Pretend to Be Sexually Decent With A Guy They Like?

Hey, guys. Sorry, I'm doing it again. Having to put another question into Take form. I know, I know, but these days I am sort of having some chick adventures...or...maybe dilemmas? Lol. As I said in my last Take, I do not...
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Best Male Fantasy Girlfriends in Movies & TV (Part 1)

1. Nova The perfect woman gorgeous, scantily clad, well groomed, submissive and most importantly can't speak you may remember this babe in Planet of the Apes. 2. Loana Loana from 1million years BC the ultimate cavemen...
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This is how you will find you inner peace in LOVE and stop being tired of never ending patterns.

After being cheated on and lied to few times, I've learnt my lesson that FUTURE IS NOT WORTH IT BY WORRYING ABOUT whether my partner will be forever or not. It takes two to ride that journey. What is meant to happen will...
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The RIGHT vs. WRONG to break a date with a guy.

I'm writing this take just as my two cents for how women should properly break a date with a guy. Just yesterday I had girl flake out & ghost me on a date. Just a FYI meeting up was originally her idea too. I did...
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