Let's ban guns AND cars to save lives

A lot of people are clamoring to ban guns to save lives. So I have a question for the people crying out to "stop the carnage!" Roughly 45k Americans die yearly in car wrecks, while in 2019 for example a total of 16425...
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Another Message God gave me in a dream - Part 5

In August of 2012, God told me if I balanced justice and mercy by obeying the 10 Commandments, I would out compete the other girls who were after my man in dating and I would be able to go to graduate school at Harvard. I...
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What men get wrong about women: the “Booking,” Secret to girls

Years ago I had a friend who was obsessed with building his muscles and we were busing back from a group event with a third person who was my best friend and he asked me how much I liked the Indian student behind us on...
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The hierarchy of reward in God’s kingdom

There are multiple systems of reward in God 1 - At the lowest level: God rewards you according to your pain and suffering and heart break 2 - At a lower level: God rewards you according to your labour and sacrifice 3 - At...
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Boundaries are the Codex of Quality Connections

Boundaries Attract Goodness Both men and woman are attracted to people who set boundaries and refuse to alter them. Even God or whatever deity you worship or pray to prefers people who have clear boundaries in what they...
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K to 12 Education

If we as a society are going to tax to finance K-12 education, the checks she go the parents or guardian of each and every school child. If a parent chooses to send a child to a public school, the check would pay the...
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How fugly men can live a great life!

This post may not be relatable for the 90% of men in this platform. Why? Cause you are probably blessed with good genetics to get women. By good genetics I mean good looking facial features (i.e. defined jawline,...
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Why This Whole "Black Pill" Thing Is Nonsense

After having reviewed over 10 videos created by Wheat Waffles, I thought that many of them were useful and straight-to-the-point, ala honest. Well, it turns out that the whole "blackpilling" thing is total bologne. Your...
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Confessions of a Ladies Man: How the Depp v. Heard Trial Proves Me Right All Along

1. A Lot of Women Use Guys It is often not about your age or looks. Sometimes it is about money, status, and fame. Amber Heard now 36 dated 58 year old Johnny Depp for money, fame, status. She flirted with him, had wild...
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Body language: The experience and actions when a guy is using a girl and not interested in her

Hello everyone, in this MyTake I’ll be sharing with you from my experience of going through of guys using and not fully interested in me. Just by how their body language and actions acted around/towards me. Also,...
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How to play the dating game - a woman's guide

INTRO As women and when we enter the dating realm, we tend to let our emotions guide us rather than our logic. It's perfectly normal to do that, but it's also vital to master how to 'play the game' and stick to it so...
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The hypocrisy of intoxication as an excuse for poor decisions.

It has always been an ongoing double standard that men are held accountable for their actions (and the choices of women) even when blackout drunk while women are not held accountable for anything they say or do in any...
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Confessions of A Ladies Man: 3 Dating Profile Signs That She's Not "Long Term" Relationship Material

Im Back! 1. She Likes to Travel A Lot That's right. A woman that likes to travel a lot is a HUGE red flag. Nothing wrong with that. But not a woman you want to settle down with. This is someone that wants to lock down a...
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Life Hacks to Get Matches on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, & Other Dating Apps

Here are a few ways to make yourself popular on big-name dating apps like Tinder, especially in big cities. Here are a few (unwritten!) rules in exact ascending (beginning) order: Photofeeler Use Photofeeler . If you...
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Money or Love? My thoughts

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I came in gag. My phone won't work anymore and my parents won't bring other phone till I pass 10th grade so I wasn't active. I will continue with my computer and Tab. About the...
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Buffalo mass shooting. My thoughts.

By now, I am sure some of you have read the news about yesterday's shooting. If you haven't, allow me to fill you in. Payton S. Gendron, the man who opened fire on a Buffalo supermarket did not originally live there. The...
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Best Beef Recipes : 6 countries (á mon avi)

So. There is a difference between # 1) eating beef meat because you simply like the experience. And # 2) a) eating rare meat because your teeth are weak leading you to assume that all cooked beef aren't easily chewed by...
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I don't think we're doomed yet but heading towards worse ways.

Of course, we've all wished or thought "Why doesn't something just kill us all right f*cking now, dude?" And when it's not coming fast enough.....some of us try to bring down those who aren't at our level to our level....
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Just Something that I Really Needed to Say

I've had the GaG account I now have for about two months now, but prior to this one I had another that I closed down because I was spending far too much time here. However, I think I've been around long enough to...
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The only way I would possible change my views and attitude towards feminism

A while back i asked a question about why won't the feminists (and women in general) who think all men are potential rapists won't just take matters in their own hands and solve their problem by taking self defense...
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