Why does the world hate black men?

I think it's sad. Black men go through so much.
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Why a vote for Freedom and Donald J Trump and against Socialism will save America!

WHAT I AM NOT: A Republican or a Democrat WHAT I AM: A Fearless Freedom loving registered Independent American WHO DONALD J TRUMP IS: A Fearless Freedom loving Independent American ...registered as a Republican Before...
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Why would anyone vote against Trump in the US election?

Trump is smart, likable and gets things done. Biden is an old man who's mentally not well. Also he's been in politics for nearly 50 years and hasn't got anything done. Only thing he would do is to destroy all the good...
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Favorite old school break up songs?

Mines is Fixing a broken heart
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What are your thoughts on this video?
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What is your favorite old school love song?

Mines is I love you
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Which musical artist do you think has had the strongest impact on the music industry in the last 20 years?

I keep hearing these new singers and while some of them are good, it's usually just one or two of their songs that is worth listening to. In my opinion, there hasn't been in a musical artist like Britney Spears in the...
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What do you think of this mongolian rock band?

im not even a fan of rock or metal but i really like this
wankiam m
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How can the UK have one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Europe and also be in need for free meals?

In the the UK right now the media are kicking off because the tories have voted against children having free meals in the hoildays. They are constantly telling us children are going bed hungry in the UK without out any...
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How would you feel if you were alive because a kid die saving you?

How would you feel in this scenario: You grow up and get told that as a baby/toddler, a kid died saving you. The girl would've been 14-15 by now. She died saving two toddlers from...
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Antifa are the fascists, Change my mind please?

The premise behind this question, One of the main parts of fascism is suppression of the right to free speech, Antifa recently knocked Teeth of an organizer of a free speech rally out. Whats worse, antifa can't claim to...
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Isn't this a terrible way to lose your childhood?

This girl lost her childhood for good. I can't imagine what she went through both emotionally and physically. She gave birth at the age of 10. No child should ever go through that.
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Do you love or hate Donald Trump?
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What are your views on this? someone just called him from the 11th century maybe lol
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How is my accent? This is my first bilingual video for Thai students. The English part starts from 00:01 to 01:35. Please help me review. 🙏🙏🙏
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Do you agree with the Anti-Defamation League that Pepe the Frog is a Hate-Symbol in line with the Swastika, Iron Cross, and Confederate Flag?
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Which style of hybrid animation do you prefer?

This? Or This?
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Is it OK for designers to use exclusively superslim models in runway shows?

Ten years ago, the average model was quite a bit slimmer than nowadays. If a designer today chose only superslim girls for their show, they would probably be publicly shamed into oblivion. What do you think about that? Is...
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I'm crying & frustrated! Why do men do or not do things even after we beg them in tears expressing to them the importance of what we are requesting?

HE NEVER SAYS MY NAME NO ONE I EVER LOVED but one sweetheart called me by my name. I have a beautiful exotic unique name. Not to many can pronounce it. My man SAYS MY NAME PERFECTLY but he calls me hun. One phone calls...
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Was the USSR a threat to the "American way of life"?

For me the answer depends on what you mean by the "American way of life". If you mean was it a threat for the average American? Well not really. When communism first came into being, many who held to that idea held to the...
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Is Florida full of beaches? Are you looking forward to Christmas?
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Do you assume Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is a expensive area? It seems nice
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