Do Girls Secretly Like Muscular Guys?

Ok, I know this is a question that's been asked a lot, but please humor me.

I know that everyone likes a fit body, but what I'm curious about is how a lot of girls seem to say one thing then do another when it comes to muscular guys. In other words, they say they don't really like guys who are all that muscular, but then they fawn over built guys.

I just went through a process of losing over 80 pounds last year, and now I'm trying to get my body into better shape for dating and to feel better about myself. I've heard girls say that they don't really like muscular guys, but there's a guy at my college who is really built and lean and every girl seems to at least have a crush on him.

So it seems like girls say one thing and prefer another when it comes to muscular guys. I almost feel like girls tell guys not to get muscular because they believe guys become players when they get built. I don't want to become a player, but I do envy the attention that those guys seem to get from girls.

So to the girls, which is it? Do you secretly prefer really built guys but don't want to admit it, or do you honestly not care? Please be honest.
Do Girls Secretly Like Muscular Guys?
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