Girls, Why are white women so snobby?

They make fun of Asians and Indians (asia), and they only care about rich white men for their money and black men for their dicks. They look at Asian men and Indian men with disgust and hatred and think we are all the same whilst looking at black men and white men as the "ideal" man. I get that people have preferences but having a preference and viewing certain races as sexually and physically "inferior" are two different things.

FYI: I do not care about your "experiences" neither am I responsible for the actions of other peope.


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  • Completely untree coming from a girl who is half korean half italian. Everyone has their own preferences. I prefer italians. Doesn't make me racist.

    • Im not saying having a preference is wrong but base your preferences on STEREOTYPES and or viewing certain races as "inferior" is racist. Just like how you think all Indian men are bad, and you apply all these negative stereotypes to us.

      Would you like it if I said "I don't date Italians cause they're all in the mafia"

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    • You keep avoiding my initial point which proves I am right.

    • NO UR NOT UR ENTIRELY IGNORANT. What you are saying is true sometimes. Not always. And just so you know it's not nearly about looks or erynicity as personality

  • Not all. Very few do this

    • Black guy approaces white girl = she's flattered
      White guy approaches white girl = she's flattered
      Indian and or Asian guy approaches white girl = "eww what a creep"

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