Girls, Is it a bad thing for guys to have pretty/feminine feet?

Girls, Is it a bad thing for guys to have pretty/feminine feet??
I know it's weird for me to be posting this, but it's been bothering me for a while. Are my feet even pretty for a guy? I've had girls complimenting on how beautiful my feet are (which is kinda creepy in my opinion), saying I have "beautiful feet" or "perfect toenails. If a girl heard these compliments, she would feel proud but I'm not sure if a guy would feel exactly the same upon hearing that. Is it a bad thing to have? Here's a pic of my feet.

i don't want answers saying that all feet are ugly. I just want honest answers. Thanks :)


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  • well id say just cut your toenails a bit more and run a lot lol. that should do the trick :P

    • I am actually a long distance runner XD

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    • thats a good answer:)

    • Ahh I see. That's cool

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  • Well thats just my opinion but for me feet dont matter
    And besides I dont think they look Bad
    They are special for a Boy and those feet a girl would Like to have
    Some People won't Like them others will but a girl that truly likes you won't care about Your feet

    • That makes me feel better. Thanks 😊

  • I really don't care much for it. It won't make me like a guy any less :)

    • That makes me feel better too. Thanks :)

  • tbh those are so nice ass feet but it can be intimidating to date a guy with better feet than mine.

    • Oh in what ways might that be?

    • well im athletic girl and i workout like crazy and my feet need a lot of TLC so when ever i get the chance i like to go get them done which is every 3 months

    • Ahh I see. Oh well thanks for your answer. I'm a pianist by the way