Never had a kiss, 19 years old?

I am 19 years old and I never even had a kiss. Now, I wanna clear up some things: 1) *Im not some weirdo*I look and dress normal, shower on a regular basis (of course), I have friends, I go out often, I have a job, I have hobbies etc. 2) *"It will come"*By far the most annoying thing people here say. No it won't. In my country the first kiss happens between the age of 10 and 14 (official statistics) and as for sex, I don't know the official numbers but from what I saw, I'd say 15-16. And those who are late do it at 17. So it might not be a big deal in your environment, but being 19 years old here and never having a kiss, is way too late and too big of a deal. 3) *Lifestyle*I used to train two kinds of martial arts, basketball, and volleyball. I have been swimming for 13 years and I went on swimming competitions and won shit. I used to do some amateur bodybuilding too. On top of all that, I play guitar and write songs, I draw, I cook, I do spray paint art. No girl ever gave a fuck about any of those stuff. 4) *Giving it a rest* There have been periods when I would stop looking for a girlfriend and just focus on other activities. Still no girl magically walked into my life, like people here often say it happens. 5)*Saving myself*I wasn't saving myself for somebody special, I simply never even had a chance to kiss any girl. No girl ever wanted me. 6) *Looks*Im no Brad Pitt, but slightly above average I'd say. 6'2 tall, about 190 pounds, short hair, short beard, wide shoulders etc. I don't think I can improve here much, since some stuff are up to genetics, but I did what I could. I hope I didn't forget any of those common things people think when they hear about my problem. If you want to know about something else, ask me. Now, since it's crystal clear that I couldn't get a girl even if I was the only male on this planet, I want your opinions on what could be so awfully wrong with me that no girl ever wanted to be with me? Thanks in advance.


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  • I can't find something wrong tbh, I would kiss you right now if I could
    really, you sound like an interesting guy, you have a life, you take care of your body and you're 6'2" (I'm a sucker for tall guys 😛)
    don't change shit


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  • So what if you are 19 years old and you have never had a kiss. That is fine. Nothing wrong with that. I can't see anything wrong. Seems like you are pretty talented and you can multiple things. I doubt any girl wouldn't like this.

    Seems like you have bad luck.

  • You have poor social skills with women and do not know how to flirt, show interest, or successfully pursue them?

    • If I had poor social skills, I wouldn't have friends, or at least not as many

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    • @answerALLquestions

      Flirting is not a must to get women. I mean it's not a necessity, yes if a man knows how to flirt that can be a plus point no doubt. I think genuine interest in women can be shown by other ways also.

      Just saying.

    • I have friends of both genders, yes. Well maybe, but still though I doubt that every other guy here has those skills really since some of them are really stupid.