Is going three weeks between dates a bad sign?

It's going to end up being 3 weeks from date 1 to date 2. She says its because she's extremely busy with school. I'm just wondering.


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  • Unless this girl is an A-type personality that is shooting for becoming a Nobel prize winner in her chosen field of study, I would say this is too long. Most students are less than disciplined about their studies and I know when I was a full-time student and had a job AND an internship, I still had a boyfriend. When push came to shove, I cut out the internship, but not the boyfriend. If someone is really interested, they would figure out how to see you before 3 weeks.

    • Yeah I think she is interested because we planned on where we are eating. I just think she puts her studies and the fact she is an RA above seeing me. I'm hoping this will change after this dinner.

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    • Yeah I definitely think you nailed it. She definitely has put her priorites over me right now. We communicate in some form everyday via text or instant message. But yeah I am feeling that she is fine without hanging with me obviously if she can wait three weeks. Do you think she will change?

    • I wouldn't hold my breathe. It is certainly worth a few more dates to see if something clicks and she falls for you, but if after a few more dates, she continues to put you in second place, I would move on. I have a demanding career and a child, but I still put my relationship in first place without treating my job or my daughter any less.

  • no one is that busy...


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