Is texting a girl you like on a Saturday night bad?

I wanna do it but I don't want her to know that I'm not doing anything on a Saturday night, and she may b e doing something...

I have no problem any other day of the week but I just never know if doing it on a Saturday night is alright


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  • If she thinks less of you for not partying as much as she does then do you really want a girl like that?

    I don't like playing games - I'll text when I am free or bored and I expect the same. But then again I am not the type of girl who parties every night (hell, a lot of the days when I /do/ party it rarely coincides with Saturdays anyways.)

    • well, its not just partying. More like always out with friends too

      eh, this is just the like fourth Saturday in a row I won't be doing anything and I guess I'm just sort of "blah" about it (sick one week, had schoolwork to do another, just didn't do anything the other)

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    • lol I'm really not that social at all

      I rarely go out on a Saturday (I am sort of a nerdy person lol. If I do anything on a Saturday night, its probably a friend coming over), but even then a month straight is different for me lol

      jw but would it bother you if a guy that really never does anything on the weekend was trying to get with you? I mean, I don't hate it or something but... There's just nothing here that interests me lol (only a few months until I'm 21 >_>)

    • Not at all! But then again I am a geek/nerd myself. ;) I love spending my nights with my x-box or ps3 and some weed. Even better when curled up next to a guy while doing it. But! As long as this doesn't happen /everyday/ then I'm fine.

      The only time it'll bother me is if I get bored enough to suggest doing something else and the guy refuses for more than three weekends in a row without any attempt; that's when it dawns on me that he thinks his time/fun is more important than my time/fun.

  • Saturday night would seem like a booty-call, try in the day ask her if she's doing anythig.

    • eh, I was thinking aobut texting just to talk

      Like, not hanging out, just having a text convo

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    • eh, its more along the lines that I'm thinking she may think I'm a loser or something

      I already know I won't be doing anything Saturday night (busy day yay lol), and like, if she's liek at a party or something (since she does alot), I just think she may think less of me or something

    • If you feel that way and you think she's going to think that way then don't text her.Then again you could say your chilling with friends if she says she's at a party. I have the same issue believe it or not with a guy friend of mine.He's always texting me to go party with him but I never liked the whole drinking and smoking thing..and made an excuse up.It got to the point where he thought I was "too cool" to hang.But I really didn't care because that's not my kind of thing

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