Did he just REJECT my KISS?!

I'm not really that old as it says in my profile *sisters account*

Well my boyfriend and I are both 14. I kissed my last boyfriend which is my ex but my boyfriend never had his first kiss. He is always saying things to hint he wants me to kiss him, but he's nervous. So today I went to kiss him. We were like hugging and I Leaned in because he might have been nervous but HE LEANED BACK AND LET ME GO! I asked him what he was doing and he was like I don't want to kiss you anymore. I got very sad and embarrassed because a lot of people was standing there and so was my friends. But he kept trying to hold me but I would squeeze my way out of his arms. I didn't want to show him, my friends, and everybody else that I just got played. When we was walking up the stairs to go to our next class he kept asking was I mad at him but I didn't answer. He followed me to my locker and said we can do it here *there was still a lot of people, so it couldn't be that he wanted privacy* but I said no and he was like but we can do it right now and I finally said OK then I was about to kiss him and he said never mind and started laughing so I pushed him away, got my stuff, and went to class.

-No my breath didn't stink lol

-No I didn't have nothing on my face

-My hair was nice

-My lip gloss was perfect :)

-NOTHING was wrong with me lol

So why did he reject me and then play like it was a fun game by laughing and smiling?


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  • Your boyfriend may be 14 years old, but he's got the maturity of a 4 year old. If I were you I'd just dump him.


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  • Yes, he did, and I don't know why he's playing these games.


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  • he's immature and stupid... I guess that's normal for a 14 y o boy... I say you just ignore him and stop calling him your boyfriend. he's obviously not anything that's even close to that word.

    Concentrate on your studies instead. Wait til the boys get older. You might have a better chance at a mature one later... notice I said CHANCE...because not all boys mature... I've seen some damn immature 60 y o boys out there... trust me...