He kissed my neck on the first date?

I had a date with this guy last night and it went really well. When he walked me to my door I gave him a hug and he went in for a kiss. I really like him so I decided kissing in the first date was OK. He earned it! The kiss was short and sweet... Until I started analyzing it. So, help me out here: first off, his hands were around my waist, pulling me in slightly. The actual kiss was a sweet one, he came in once and then after the first kiss he leaned out and looked at me and smiled then went back for another. What I am baffled by is after that he gave me a very light kiss on the base of my neck. I have always been told I have a nice neck (random, I know) and my hair is really short so it could have been just a matter of attraction.. But I just don't know. What do you get from this interaction?


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  • He likes your neck or he likes all girl's necks or he just wanted to feel some skin on his lips?

    Or he knows that kissing a girl's neck turns her on?


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