How do guys like to be kissed?

Do you guys prefer to be kissed spontaneously or when the girl makes it really obvious that she's gonna do it. Also, where do you guys like to be touched during the kiss? Please explain in detail thanks =]


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  • Truthfully, not to be gross, but it would be perfect having one, or both hands in the vicinity of down there every time we kissed lol. Girls will never understand, but that is pretty much the center of the universe for many of us and all the rest of the action is mostly for you.

    • Yea, but wouldn't that lead the guy on like I want to have sex with him. I mean I do one day but just not now because its too early in the relationship...

  • awesome. good for you. Then, the next best advice is to sensually explore the other areas of his body that you are into. Pick out the areas you enjoy touching and gently do your thing!


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