I want to text my crush but don't know what to say!

I really want to talk to my crush through texting but I don't know what to talk about! It's because last night I accidentally sent a message to him saying who he likes and it was supposed to go to my friend, he called me a bitch and told me to die! He forgave me earlier after explaining it, so I don't know what to talk about!

Any ideas? Something so he won't get mad at me again?


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  • Well I'd just go for casual conversation and see how that goes, you know asking how his day is going, what he did today, how he's doing. Then maybe if it seems to be going well you could ask him about what he likes in the girl he likes and see how that goes, but only if you think it won't go badly.


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  • im confused. so you sent a message to your crush that was supposed to go to your friend... and it basically said "you like me." ? am I understanding correctly?

    • My friend was going to find out who he likes and I accidentally sent him this "who does he like"

    • if I got that text message I would honestly be confused and text back if you messaged the wrong person or what the deal was. he shouldn't have just assumed whatever he assumed. but I don't know what he might have thought you were saying... just say "hey what's up" or something or "what are you doing right now" idk.. I can't think of anything either xD

  • He called you a bitch and told you to die?

    Sounds like a charming fellow

    • Maybe I should just get over him, he called me annoying and mean few min ago

    • maybe you should just tell him what is going on and that that text was meant for your friend so that they could see if he was interested in you. if he sees that it is just a misunderstanding. and he still acts like a d***, then just move on.

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