Girls, what is your most embarrassing naked story?

Mine would be when i was showering at at my gym with my friends and my soap bar rolled out from underneath my stall. I quickly ran out i got it and just as i was bending over to pick it up my friends walked out of there stalls with there towels and got a great view of my butt. I just awkwardly covered myself and got back in my stall.


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  • My beloved brother twice burst into my room right in the middle of me masturbating. The second time I was stark naked, and right in the middle of an orgasm. I think he was about 10, and must have learned a lot about ladies in seconds. I was about 13. We still laugh about it.

  • Well I was watching porn in my room stark naked when the neighbor let himself in my place. ( he's done this in the past) to ask to borrow at the time my laptop and well he found me with nothing on watching porn.

    Let's say I can't look him in the eye no more.
    We are still friends but he know knows my taste in porn and jokes about it. 😳😑😐

    He even left a note when returning my laptop on my "awesome web history ".

    *Face palm*


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