What movie do you feel is underrated?


I thought the release of Disney’s Tron: Legacy was a victim of bad timing in 2010.

There were some cringey moments in the script, but overall it was solid. It was iconic referencing the first movie at times. I felt they did a good job with the visuals. The score/soundtrack was excellent.

Michael Sheen had the most personality.


Garrett Hedlund did a good job playing his father’s arrogant son disinterested in running his father’s legacy because he would trade it all to have his father back. It set up for some good quotes:

Wouldn't that be something.


I liked how Rinzler/Tron was of few words. So was Olivia Wilde.

Fight for the user.

I could have done without the occasional “hippiness” of Jeff Bridges “…bio digital jazz, man.” *barf*. “…You’re messing with my zen thing, man.” <-that one was funny. But he also delivered at key moments.

Perfectly Imperfect.

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I also have to mention Year One. I thought Jack Black did a good job.

Less hungry, for one
What movie do you feel is underrated?
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