Leggings for Guys - Finally Trending?

If you look on most online stores such as Under Armor you will find that leggings are starting to trend in the men’s fitness department. If you look even closer, most major retailers have men’s leggings too. They have been called compressions in many cases because the average guy is scared of sharing a trend with women. The male ego is large.

What you just read is my observation. I live on the Bible belt and it's in the early stages of becoming a trend here so I am sure it's happening everywhere else in the US. To clarify, I am an 18 year old straight male and I am in a great relationship with an amazing girl. Just an avg guy with a foward thinking mind.

I have been wearing the leggings (Obviously between occasional washes) over Christmas break just lounging around. I have fallen in love with the comfort of these leggings, they are beyond comfortable. I am not one to talk about my size because you will never see me and I couldd care less, but I am average/above average in tha area. The reason I mention that is to point out that barley anything shows. I was expecting the opposite. This particular designer really put a lot of though into this pair. Off topic.

I wear my leggings out in public whenever I go out to eat and stuff like that. I get an occasional look of, "Wft?" and sometimes I get the, "Nice legs" compliment. It varies from person to person. I have learn that this takes confidence to pull off a style that is not yet common, otherwise you look awkward. People are still not used to men in leggings where I live so it makes life interesting. I can definitely see how these can become a trend. I always wear something sporty or something nice with the leggings, the trashy look does not cut it.

My point is.
Leggings are amazing, they enhance the looks of my masculinelegs, they do not show as much as you would expect, and the comfort level is beyond what I anticipated; I am very impressed.

Only mature answers welcome. Why will this or why will this not trend?


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  • I am not sure!!! I know jegging are lol!


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  • I tried women's leggings on, I have no butt and they made it appear my butt was larger from being so tightly fitting. I can see for workout or sleep they are comfortable material. But do I look good in them, probably better off in skinny jeans than leggings 😀


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  • sorry, but only if you wear a skirt, but in the same way girls shouldn't be walking around with leggings so tight they go sheer when they bend over.. I think we need to hide a little more. That being said legging like materil for pants sure... I just can't imagine this looking good but i suppose if its comfy and fuctional itd happen... just like uggs.. eew..

    • Thank you for actually presenting your opposition maturely, high respects for you.

      I am pretty sure most males would cringe at the idea of a skirt. I see it as another garnet because I know the history and evolution of trends, it will eventually trend, just as everything else.

      Shorts with a 5 inch inseam on the other hand.. They are already close to trending, I think that may happen soon.

      Interesting topic!

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    • It would be hard for men to wear a mini skirt.

    • It's not hard to wear a mini skirt or dress

  • I can see and understand for exercising purposes, just like women.

    But for everyday wear? I'm not a fan.

    Leggings are just a thicker version of tights, and unless you're wearing a long shirt to cover your buttocks, I can't agree with the leggings trend on women or men.


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  • With clothes wear what you are comfortable and happiest in, your choice. My preference and I say same to women is for a loose long top that covers the crotch area.

  • I wear compression pants for when I go biking to keep me from being cold. They aren't leggings lol. They are actually made for biking.

    • This is almost the same thing as what I have.

      They are advertised as both compression's and leggings. Mainly used for exercise, I use them for that and regular wear on a "do nothing" type of day.

    • Yup, exactly! Some people are still confused about the concept, they look at me weird :P

  • Lol you're a dumbass. COMPRESSION shorts and pants, not leggings, are used in sports you help prevent injury and keep your dick from flying around.