What does everyone think about Pakistani and Egyptian people with colored eyes?

I`m friends with a quite a few Pakistani and Egyptian people who have beautiful colored eyes and I just think they look amazing because of their beautiful tanned skin

so what does everybody else think

amazing or what?

also what do you think of black people with colored eyes?


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  • i don't think I've ever really known any middle eastern people but I do think it is striking when people with olive tones have light eyes like aishwarya rai

    i think black people look good with colored eyes if it is their natural color. this guy that lives in my neighborhood is light skinned (chris brown's color) and has naturally green eyes and it is so striking. but I don't think super light eyes on black people look good unless they are heavily mixed. just colors like hazel, light brown/honey and green and gray

    • I so agree, it is striking

      just like ash , ur right lol she is beautiful

      and believe me there are so many middle eastern people with gray, green, blue, eyes. man do they look awesome lol

      yeah you should look up michael ealy, he`s a light skinned black man with green eyes, he`s in beyonce knowle`s video for halo, check it out, he looks amazing

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  • The predominant color of Egyptian people's eyes is brown or black, me being one of them. A very few have green eyes, and even less have blue eyes.

    I personally find green eyes to be a turn off. I'm more attracted by brown or hazel eyes.

    Also, most Egyptians with colored eyes try their best to stay out of the sun to keep their skin tone as white as possible, so I rarely ever see a tanned person with green or blue eyes.

  • im just going to say "Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it."


  • Not true, first of all, egyptians don't have coloured eyes, the only eye colour that is there is black, and brownish black sometimes... second, their tanned skin is what they hate the most, it's believed in the region throughout history that sun rays exposure makes skin age faster, they hate their skin colour as hell lol

    You know a tropical cream called Fair & Lovely? its the best selling there since it's been invented, and you know what's more, when they want to marry, if the girl looks white or somewhat pale compared to the majority, then it's like heaven (ask egyptian men about this lol), and to add more, there is their hair, it's all curly and wouldn't get combed unless you use some products to soften it... and if it happens and you see an egyptian girl with silky hair you must know it's done with chemicals. So, be happy with you got, seriously :P

    • I strongly disagree with you, I personally know egyptian people with green eyes and their naturally quite fair but have tanned skin due to the weather of where they luve.

      i`m not egyptian lol lmao and I am most certainly happy with what i`ve got

      what do you think about pakistani people then?

      they have all sorts of eye colours and before you disagree I assure you they most have definitely got coloured eyes.

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    • Seeeeee?! you're from Kashmir, it's also called sometimes "little Britain"! it's been under the british rule for sometime, some mixes happened in the past, or you could be simply having those original pretty kashmirian green eyes and brown hair :)

    • Hahaha thanks :) I am def original lol

      wow I didn`t know kashmir was called `little britain` and that mixes happened there in the past oh wow that's something lol

  • I'm half egyptiann but I'm as pale as a ghost lol. anyway yeah Egyptian girls are amazingly hot and have pretty eyes, a bit like latino girls. Pakistani girls, I wasn't too attracted to at first but recently I've come to appreciate them more now, mostly cos of this girl in particular who was really hot too.

    • What else are you?

      i wouldn`t say that egyptian and latino girls are similar

      this girl in particular, did she have coloured eyes?

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    • Good question.... well people say you're naturally attracted to those the same race/skin colour as yourself. but really I think it was I never really knew many paskistani girls in the past but the more I met the more I liked them :)

    • Innit they are soo cute lol :) btw i`m not a lesbian, I just have good taste lol and a natural skill for spotting beauty :)

      well.... the same colour part, like all people some pakistanis are dark and some are very pale and some are just in between

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  • Attractive