Cute sweet girl or hot and sexy girl?

weather a guy like a sweet chubby cute innocent girl or a hot and sexy girl with sizzling I'm from india here boys prefer a sexy hot girl as girlfriend and soft sweet cute chubby girl for marriage...y boys think like this especaily indian guys...


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  • I'll take hot and sexy please.

    • thanks for your answer sir but please explain your answer...

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    • ok for long time relation which girl you choose

    • Hot.

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  • umm 1st its not just indian guys its guys everywhere...and I would prefer a cute sweet innocent girl minus the chubby part because I'm just a country boy and that's what does it for me...and looks fade so good luckk when your looking at hot wrinkles

    • thank dude but in india girls are curvy...and little bit its your view

    • Your Welcome, yea I know I'm sorry chubby girls just aren't for me I'm a kinda of a smalll guy

  • i think you are a very hot girl


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  • i'm from england and it really depends on the guy - cute girls usually have loads of really great guys liking and respecting them but at my age (and probably a bit older I guess..) they seem to get fewer boyfriends because most guys are more interested in a quick, sexy fling than something long term and romantic. I've found this just means us 'cute' girls generally get the nice guys. until every now and then a different guy wants a challenge and hurts us :/ don't worry about it... cahnces are more guys are interested in you than you think :)

    • hi sweet girl you know cute girl gets best guys among all guys because then attracted towards a medical student I think that a girl can be sexy till 40 after that generally she losse her attractive at that time she feel lonely and their is no one to care but during that time cute girl have good life partner...its my thinking in indian prospect in india this happens...

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