What is slutty/sexy clothing?

I see a lot of boys complain that girls dress slutty, but they also want girls to dress sexy!

What is slutty clothing and what is sexy? pictures please so I know the difference!


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  • There is no difference. Those are just two words describing exactly the same thing but with different attitude towards it.

    You ain't too likely to hear jealous girls saying: "Wow - she's sexy!" unless they're lesbians, most likely they gonna say "Wow - she's such a slut!" in a derogatory manner.

    Some men, especially the insecure ones might have a problem with such dressing when they take their girlfriend out in the public, clubs, concerts or something like that, afraid that random guys might be hitting on her, whistling or yelling obscenities.

    Any normal guy actually should be proud of it - other guys can act however they want but the girl belongs to me!

    The proof of it is that no men - ever gonna complain that his girlfriend dresses "too slutty" when there's only they two around, secluded.

    • Untrue, me and my friends can (and do) easily look at a girl and say, "damn, she looks stunning" when they are dressed in provocative clothing.

    • I said "likely"

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  • Sexy shows us an attractive image, a "silhouette" if you will.

    Slutty shows us the path of least resistance.

  • Slutty means you're showing everything. From short skirts/dresses to bare midriffs. You're drawing attention to your body because we see it as the more skin you show, the more likely you're looking for "it".

    Sexy just means, you know how to dress without showing off too much yet, not looking like a nun. Typically though, sexy is reserved for the bedroom. It's much better to be called "hot, pretty, cute and beautiful" when you're just out and about. It's more real

  • slutty = cheap and whorish. sexy = doesn't show too much/classy.


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  • Slutty, to me, is trashy styling. Showing your thong, pulling tops down so your bra shows, tacky clothing, wearing bare threads of clothing, etc coupled with terribly applied makeup.

    Sexy is wearing revealing clothing in a classy way. Using the "only show one" rule (show cleavage OR legs, but not both, etc). Deep cleavage looks better on women with small busts, because ladies with huge boobs are at risk of looking slutty if they show too much (unfair, but true). Ya know, all that.

    But really, it's more about behavior , imo.

    Slutty: link link

    Sexy: link link

    • Great answer I totally agree with everything and like you said depending on the body type a sexy clothe might look slutty so girls with more curves have to be careful as skinny girls can get away with some slutty clothes

    • Exactly :) It's about dressing for your body type and behaving in a classy manner :)

  • To me sexy shows enough to look attractive but still classy.shows more shape than skin.

    Slutty is just overly revealing, nothing is left to be uncovered


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