Do guys hold eye contact even with the girls they don't like/have feelings for?

lets face it, eye contact is #1 impt thing when it comes to liking someone.

now for guys, why would you look at a girl you rejected, didn't like back, didn't take it further, not interested in?

i don't think a lot of you understood the type of eye contact I'm talking about, because see the guy I liked who didn't like me back, we don't talk anymore for him to have that "respectful" eye contact with me
...we hardly say a word at all because its so awkward... yet going to the same univeristy, we run into one another frequently and he checks me out each time, and holds his gaze for long periods of time


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  • I answered a similar question before, this is somewhat what I said:

    He checks you out because he thinks you're pretty, beautiful or cute in some way or another. Since he rejected you it is probably mostly a physical thing. He could be attracted to aspects of your physical appearance or mannerisms or both. Just like you can stop listening to a beautiful song or removing your eyes from a beautiful piece of art, this guy can't remove his eyes from you; unless you look back at him, of course.

    In your case, did he check you out before he rejected you? if so, what I said, might be the case. Otherwise it could be something more complex, like him realizing that you attract him after you told him that you like him. If so, though, that doesn't mean that he wants or is ready for a relationship with you.


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  • sounds romantic ! seems like love birds have taken different routes but still like to cross each other routes to comfort that heart ache !

    well, I don't know about your question, but as you have commented in your updates , I feel that you have a void in your life after loosing him.

    I guess this void will need some time to heal up... though if you people keep crossing the routes of each other then I believe the void would bring you both further closer

  • cause its proper manners, when you're talking to someone you don't look at the person next to you, or the wall across the way, no!, you look them just below the eye, at their nose, that way they at least know theyre being acknowledged especially when you don't know their name

    • No way! I don't talk to him face to face anymore for him to have no choice but look at my nose, I mean staring and eye contact in the sense that he stalks me and I see him looking at me miles away

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    • I was wondering the same thing, like if you are sitting across the room from someone you don't know and they catch your eye for like 2 seconds but then look away does it mean anything? what if you think you catch them looking at you more than once but you guys don't talk?

    • Well then that's just plain eye contact flirting

  • eye contact is a matter of respect. ever since we're children we're taught to maintain eye contact at all times with someone we are talking to.

    • Read my update

    • He thinks you're hot . . .it doesn't necessarily mean he likes you tho, just an appreciation of your physical beauty

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  • It depends some times you can tell very easily. Like if this guy never does eye contact with someone else or you don't know.

    If he's a real gentlemen though then he'll try to make eye contact with everyone- and in that case it'll very hard to tell.

  • I don't think it has to do with simply "eye contact" everyone does that and it doesn't mean that they have feelings for you.

    I think it has to do with the WAY you look at them.

  • Here's what I think even though I'm not a guy: You look at EVERYONE in the eye because it is the polite thing to do. HOWEVER, the person you have feelings for you hold/maintain that eye contact *slighty* longer than you normally would with a regular person. Get what I'm saying? Like even if you feel it was a different look/slightly longer than usual then you can know they like you.

    • But this guy even extends the slightly part and stares at me all day long lol

    • Then yeah he likes you!!!