Do girls like the military "short hair" haircut on men?

Whenever I see male models they usually have some type of styled hair and it is medium length or longer. Sometimes I see shorter hair but it is either very close to bald or bald and clean shaven.

The military thing seems to be very short, but really not styled at all.

So what do women usually think about military guys hair when they see them?

Do you like it? Do you except it but would prefer different?


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  • I know what hair style you're referring to, I call it 'high and tight.' I think that style is sexy as hell and love it on a guy.


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  • A bit longer than that, but not too long would be great, like this link

    Something like this link would still be OK, but it really shouldn't be any longer

    But that military haircut is certainley not a deal breaker, it looks very good on some guys and not bad on the others

  • it depends on the guy. I always like hair in the short range on men. keep it above the chin always for me. but some guys look really sexy in a buzz cut, others look better with a bit more hair. my last fling/guy I was sort of seeing keeps his head almost bare and he is very handsome and it works on him, but not every guy could pull it off.

  • i really don't like them, I like hair that I can touch and play with


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