Pros/Cons of guys looking younger than their age?

I look younger than my age, and I was kind of self-conscious about it when I was younger, but I still managed to date. I think the thing that hurt my game more than looking younger, was being self-conscious about looking younger (it contributed to some shyness and lack of confidence). And it seems older women don't really mind a guy who looks really young either. What are some pros/cons to looking younger?

It seems like some guys my age don't take me real seriously, sort of like they treat me younger than I am. But women don't really seem put off that I look younger.


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  • Pros of looking younger:

    1. More attention from women

    2. Easy confidence in picking them up


    1. Some might not consider someone who look like a child

    2. You might not be taken seriously in business settings.


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  • Dude I'm in the same boat..I too look much younger than I am. So far guys have no problem with it:)

    I'm in my 40's,btw.


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  • I don't think there is any pros other than if you get older you will look younger and better