I'm insecure about my facial hair and I want to get over it

I've been trying to find how to get full grown beard to only realize that I will never make my beard grow..either it grows by its self or nothing will help


..I know many guys think I'm lucky because I don't have to shave, you can't tell a bald guy the same thing also I have to shave every two or three days...also I can't have any beard style at all I'm jealous when I see my friends with nice mustaches and beard styles..so I go clean shaven, I have a baby face when I'm clean shaven I hate to look like a kid I would look manly if I could..I know a lot of girls like it, some girls told they like my childish face but it didn't change anything...

I can never have a full beard and I can never change my baby face

all I just want is just get over it I know I'm not able to change anything


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  • I struggle with this as well. I'm baby-faced, so I need facial hair. However, my beard comes in very patchy, so a full beard doesn't look that good, and I can't get connectors to grow between my mustache and my goatee, so I can't grow a full goatee. Also, my facial hair isn't dark enough, especially on my mustache, my mystache is kind of salt and pepper looking, with different hairs having different colors, none of which are dark enough to match the dark brown hair on my head.


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  • You're under 25 so you may find that as you get older you'll be able to grow more facial hair.


    Beards are ugly. Less hair is better.

    • I've never seen any improvement in the past 5 years so I guess that's all I have that's why I just want to accept it

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  • well m8 facial hair is outta style anyway and in a few years you might be able to grow one ... my father had the same problem until he was thirty then he was able to grow a full beard...so id just wait...

    and you need to calm down m8 it seems your getting relly worked up over something tht doesn't matte all too much there is plenty of styles tht do not include beards...

    • Well my mustache is so light..so I guess there's no facial hair for me

    • thts not really a big deal loads of girls don't even like facial hair...

    • I know, I just want to accept it