Can I get my nose pierced on the same side as my lip ring.

I have my lip pierced on my right side and I was wondering if I got my nose done on the right side would look weird or if it would look funny on the left and I should just forget the whole idea


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  • My son asked me why did I get my nipple pierced . I told him it was done after my relationship ended and I needed to remind myself that I will not fall in love with someone unless I really know it...the pain was too much...this piercing is a constant reminder of that pain.

    Then my boy asked me why do people pierce their face...I haven't thought about it until he asked. I replied with... those people are the people with beautiful souls. why they show themselves as showing their pain publically. He, then 8 years old, said he want to hug someone that was in that much pain.

    The point of me saying this, zero disrespect to your expressionism, it will be worth to express via art... love... focus on the beauty you have to give to the world.

    • This was beautiful to read but I didn't get the piercing out of pain or sorrow. It's just a fashion statement.

    • Thank you...that means a lot. I think a t-shirt is a fashion statement...hhHhaa...however I think we have to agree to disagree, respectfully. I feel it is nicer on the same side if you're going to get it done.

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  • I think it looks cute.


    Go for it !

    If its something you like.

  • It wouldn't look weird, but it may draw too much attention to only one side of the face. So you could even it out by doing your piercing on the other side.

  • Ummmmmm


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