Aussies do you prefer Jatz or Ritz cracker biscuits?

I find that Ritz are too sweet and not so nice with savoury toppings. Jatz have a proper savoury flavour and are much nicer to eat straight out of the box or with a topping. What do you think?
  • Aussies do you prefer Jatz or Ritz cracker biscuits?I prefer Arnott's Jatz
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  • Aussies do you prefer Jatz or Ritz cracker biscuits?I prefer Nabisco Ritz
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  • I don't like either.
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  • I've never tried Jatz so I can't compare them.
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  • I've never tried Ritz so I can't compare them.
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Looks like Jatz are the clear winners here.


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  • In VIC we don't call them JATZ. They're called 'Savoy' biscuits. I always wondered what older (60+) people were talking about when they said 'JATZ biscuits'. But I prefer Savoy/Jatz way more than Ritz. Ritz has this gritty residue and taste in your mouth and falls apart very easily so it's no good for cheese. We use Savoy/Jatz almost exclusively for vegemite/cheesymite and different cheeses, so if people eat Ritz it's often with dip or by themselves.


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  • I'm not an Aussie, but I'd probably reach for Jatz. I hate Ritz. lol 😊 Are they similar to Ritz though?

    • Similar shape and size but Jatz are more crisp and Ritz have a softer texture. Ritz taste like they have sugar in them and Jatz taste a little salty and savoury.

    • Yeah, I'd probably much prefer Jatz then. The sweetness of Ritz is definitely off-putting for me. That, and I just don't like the flavour. I guess I'm a Jatz kind of guy. lol

  • Yeah I agree with you. Jats are better.

  • I don't like Ritz. So Jatz it is.


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