Do "good girls" REALLY go for bad guys?

NO, they don't, and I'm going to explain:

I have a cousin who's a thug wannabe, he's been in and out of prison, he does drugs, he's robbed people and broke into houses and cars and used the money for drugs, he even gave himself the nickname :bad news", and every time he gets out of prison he gets a new girlfriend. I will not lie, the girl he gets are not bad looking at all, some of them were actually kinda hot, WHEN IT CAME TO LOOKS THOUGH, and when he's in these relationship it's all about sex and drugs that's it, he pretends to love them but he really doesn't, one of them he got pregnant by the way and he's a deadbeat dad who chose a life of drugs and crime over being an actual father, but were they "good girls", came from a good home, raised right, good education, pure history and have goals in life? No no no no no no no... no, they had problems to and it was usually drug problems, they also had trouble with their parents, the law, trouble with school, past relationship issues, but mostly they had drug problems, and they were DUMB, and I mean fucking DUMB, they would do and believe anything my cousin tells them, if my cousin said that 2+2=potato juice, these girls would take it to the grave if you tell them otherwise.

Guys, the girls who are going for these bad guys are NOT the girls you want to be with, stop looking at their looks and start realizing their personality is a fucking dumpster fire, and their looks will wear off eventually and they will have nothing left. Let them burn and look for a real woman instead, one that who's smart enough not to go for douchbags, and will actually adore you and make the perfect wife. If you're going to say that they're hard to find, well in the real world the best things in life are hard to find/get in general, but there's still plenty of actually good women out there and you will find one if you really look and work for one.
Do "good girls" REALLY go for bad guys?
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