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He said I just sit and look pretty does he like me?

That's an insult. And not one that you say to someone that you fancy. It doesn't even necessarily mean that he thinks you ARE pretty, just that you sit around preening instead of doing any work.... Flirting

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What's the best way to kiss/be kissed?

One of the most powerful elements of good kissing is the ability to build anticipation. Anticipation can release adrenaline; it can get a person's heart racing, get their nerves firing, it can get... Flirting

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What is your opinion on shy girls?

Cute... as long as they are not so shy that they cannot actually hold down a conversation. Shyness can take a couple of different forms. Some introversion is fine... I'm an introvert myself, so... Flirting

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Cliché bus crush, how do I approach this guy?

Problem with a situation like this is that you have no way of knowing his situation. You don't know if he's just really shy, if he has a girlfriend, if he has a boyfriend, if he has an ex-wife and... Flirting

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If a guy constantly flirts with you when he's drunk, does he like you when he's sober too?

What a guy says and does when he is drunk provides you with zero information about what he really thinks about you when he is sober. The booze can lower inhibitions, sure, but that means that if... Flirting

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Guys are you more attracted to A provocative girl?

No, not more attracted in a physical sense, but they do appear more approachable for flirtation. The problem won't be that you don't 'let it hang out', it never really needs to get to an... Flirting

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