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A combination of oddity and audacity baby, serving you RJ somewhat helpful/sarcastic/triggering realness 24 hrs a day/toomanydaysouttatheweek.


If I offend you, know that I only care because it's a little bit funny. You are free to write in your diary about it though, if it helps.

No, I don't care about your dick, or your sexual desires, or if you wanna see my feet. No, I do not want to give you my whatsapp, kik, facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, or google+ (who the fuck uses google+ anyway?).

I do not want to sex chat, see your penis, or answer any of your fetish/fantasy questions

I like strong beer, cheap wine, and people I can freely call cunts without them being hurt. I'm a simple woman.

I sometimes share too much and make too many jokes about shitting on people.

Before you call me a feminist, know that I'm not, by definition, a feminist.

Lowkey under my own bullshit I'm a decent person who cares about people, it's just that the amount I care is varied by your importance to me.

If you insult me, please make it as original as possible. I love it, makes me laugh.

If I tell you to give your balls a tug I'm not being an ass ... just give your balls a quick tug. I mean that with the purest intentions. Like a loving kick in the face.

Even though I overshare I'm an actual prude so if you were hoping I was going to give you hardcore fap material you were soooo wrong.

If you think Fallout and Skyrim are overrated you need to dematerialize and disperse into the universe because idgaf about you.

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