Cliché bus crush, how do I approach this guy?

For 2 years I've been getting the same bus home from work as my newfound bus crush. Until recently I never took any notice of him. We would catch each others eye but it was always accidental. However about a month ago, we caught each others eye and I smiled at him for the first time, I don't know why I did but I was rewarded with the cutest, shy smile, now whenever we see each other share a glance and we smile. He stares straight at me as he's stands to go down the stairs (we sit upstairs) and smiles up at the window where I sit once he gets off the bus.
I'm not assuming anything, but I would like to get to know him better. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to approach someone on the bus of all places! If you were in my situation how would you handle it?
Cliché bus crush, how do I approach this guy?
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