Cute guy on to talk to him

Okay, here's the deal:

Once a week, there's this cute guy on my bus. And I don't feel good about the idea of just out of nowhere starting to talk to him + the problem is, most of the time there are no seats left so he sits somewhere but I have to stand somewhere that's makes the just-talking-to-him-part kind of difficult. We get off at the same stop and then it's a small walk and *poof*, he's gone, yay, another week gone by!

I also don't know is he's single, I've seen him with guy friends but not with girls though that proves nothing.

Worst case scenario, I can slip him a note, but when do I give it then? When he's passing me by when we're walking? All sounds so scary.

Are there any other things that I can do?


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  • Well if the both of your are going to post secondary, you got 2 weeks until its finals then that guy is gonna be gone unless you get lucky enough to see him next semester. Anyway, try to get eye contact from him and smile(not a big smile but a small one) and don't stare for a very long time. You don't need to say anything, maybe sit somewhere in front of him or stand when you are on the bus and try to make eye contact there. If you can, that will send a message of interest and should make him more approachable if he smiles back at you.

    Strange, the same thing is happening to me and it happens on different days. ((Skip to the end if you don't wanna read my stories that are similar to yours))

    On days when I'm going to school by bus, there's this girl that I think is interested in me, she laughed behind me when I did something funny to the bus driver(showed him something else that wasn't my bus pass) and she always notices me through the corner of my eye. I see her twice a week.

    then there was this one girl that stared at me on the bus home for over 5 minutes, my heart was racing the whole time because she looked good and she even walked right beside me when we got off the bus. After that one day I never saw her again, she stared at me like I was her dream guy or someone she spent years searching for.

    Then once a week I see this one girl on my way home from school in the evening, who I think is interested in me as well. Her story is very similar to yours, she sees me once a week and she has also seen me with some of my guy friends. I noticed her more when she had longer hair though.

    None of these girls that seem to be interested in me approaching me though.

    Well anyway, you should try to give off more signals that your interested with your body language. Face towards him, make eye contact with a smile, even stand a bit closer to him, he's bound to pick up on you if he sees you and if he's interested he'll make a move. You can also try to talk about something in the setting like if there's a moon out say its nice or if there's a sunset comment on that in front of him and hope he'll say something as well.

    Good luck.

    • Oh yea, say the guy kind of picked up on you but doesn't know how to approach you. What would be the most comfortable way for you to be approached by him? Would you like body language, a conversation, or a simple comment that leads to a conversation?

    • That's a good way of thinking and as you already said chances are that I won't see him again next semester... I think the way I would like it would be if he said something (a simple comment to start with would be good) or slipped me a note, eyecontact would't make me go over to him instantly though a smile might be good too. Gosh, sure would be handy if I weren't such a chicken :)

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  • wll guys know how you feel. So I think he would respond well to a note. Do you know one time back in the 90ies I had a crush on agirl I saw on an air plane. And I wrote her a letter telling her how I felt and that I liked her and I knew it was awkward and everything. Girls think we guys are crazy when we do this. But we don't think girls are crazy cause we know what its like to do it. You could also just simply say hey what's your name. Would you like to get some ice cream togeather after school. This way he will be thinking of you the whole day. Go for it. Guys think its cute when you approach us. When was the last time you saw a guy being rude or mean to agirl who had the confidence to ask him out. Guys are flatterd by this.

  • Just say hello to him one day, ask him a few questions. Starting talking to someone even as a friend is a huge first step. Then from there say hello to him when you see him at school, he will be flattered.


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  • what I would say for you to do is mayb bump him by an "accident" and tell him with a smile on your face " damn I know I'm cute but you didn't have bump me, you could of just said something". And if he's interested he'll smile back and start talking to u. if not at first then bump him again the next time you see him and say "ur always bumping me gosh". If he's interested he'll talk to u, he'll think ur absolutely the cutest thing ever. It's a good way to get his attention.

    but does he ever recognize u?

    • Another way is to look at his eyes... if he makes contact with your then girl!!! he's checking you out!!! You betta get on that... read his eyes. if so just say a simple hi I also wrote the other one too

    • I don't know for sure if he recognizes me, but I would find it weird if he hasn't noticed me, I mean, it's a small bus, and few people get off at the stop that we get off, sometimes he waits with a friend before lessons start and I wait for a friend at the same place and once he even got on at my bus stop, there might have been some eyecontact then, but I find it hard knowing if it's eyecontact or just looking... I'm gonna try harder making some eyecontact though! Thanks for the tip.