Guys are you more attracted to A provocative girl?

Ok so I know im attractive, like I know out of a crowd of people I am noticed. I've had people tell me this when I met them lol.

Anyway people seem to react to me differently then like for instance my friend.

Im more reserved, standoffish and modest. I sometimes dress in low cut shirts and booty shorts but im very aware and keep my legs crossed, cover my chest when I bend over and little things like that. I dont openly talk about sex very often

Whereas my friend doesn't seem to pay attention she lets it hang out lol. she's pretty sexually opened. Even infront of her brother (my boyfriend) which makes me a little uncomfortable at times. But thats just her.

Anyway she tells me all these storys of how guys are trying to get at her and even tho her boyfriends there they still hit on her. Smack her ass and invite her to bed

For me guys dont really seem to flirt that much. Even if a guy and I are openly interested in eachother they dont flirt or try to get at me. Its a totally diff approach. Theywill tell me Im beautiful but they dont really do much more then just chill lol. I think girls flirt and act more like that toward me then guys do.

Honestly she gets hit on a lot more then I do. I rarely get hit on.

Do guys like more provocative girls?
Guys are you more attracted to A provocative girl?
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