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4 mo

Is there such thing as good and bad music?

This is a difficult question. After some thought, I would ultimately say yes— with some caveats. An initial concept of good vs bad can be determined with common sense. For instance, someone who is... Entertainment & Arts

4 mo

How can I make money composing/writing music?

Assuming you have all the skills/tools you need for being professional, I’d say the very first thing to do is have sample work that you can use as a portfolio. When you start out, the goal is to... Entertainment & Arts

10 mo

Are you a good artist?

Well… I’m sort of like medium tier atm. I’ve had pieces that I’ve shown to others that people would say “oh hey that’s good!” but nothing that’s excellent. It’s something I’ve been wanting to... Entertainment & Arts

11 mo

Do you own any musical instruments? If so which ones?

My instruments list (albeit might be expanding soon): 6 string electric guitar (tuned to DADGBE), basically a blasphemous les paul I put active pickups in 7 string electric guitar (tuned to... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

Have you ever taken part in a play/musical?

Through high school and college, I’d participated in several musicals/plays but only on the tech/music department. I’ve filled in for drums at one point, and I also did guitar for another musical... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

Do you like Rock and Roll music?

My personal favorite is modern metal, but I grew up with my parents playing rock so I enjoy it. I tend to prefer modern rock over classic though. Partially, that is due to me liking modern... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

What's something new you tried recently?

I’ve been recently getting into animation as a side hobby. I write/record/mix my own music, but I wanted some sort of visual for the pieces I create, so I went ahead and purchased Adobe Creative... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

What are the saddest songs you know?

I haven’t heard a sadder song than this in my life I think yet. Both it’s choices instrumentally, melodically, and lyrically are very sad https://www.youtube.com/embed/prDoGmY5kj8 Entertainment & Arts

1 y

What did you think about the Superbowl Halftime show?

Well… it was all music I don’t listen to and didn’t care about in the middle of a sport I don’t pay attention to or really understand the craze around. It was pretty boring to me, but quite... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

Should I apply been editing since 6th grade :)?

If you’re looking for a job and you’re unemployed, there’s no demerit to applying for a job apart from possible wasted time if it doesn’t pan out. If you think you’ll enjoy it and it has the... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

What do you think of people spending $2 million on video games?

I think he was playing the low IQ strategy. The 500 IQ play: 1.) Hire a developer team with $2 million to make a mobile game farmville ripoff 2.) Establish a back door only for you as the... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

Should people stick to their body types while cosplaying?

No, not necessarily. The reason I have for this is that, unlike a magazine or fashion show, cosplaying serves a different, more for-self purpose. Cosplaying from my perspective is more so about... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

What age do you think adults should stop playing video games?

I don’t think there is an age. Here is my reasoning: I ask myself… what is a video game, and why does it have a type of stigma to some that it has maximum-age levels? I think the reason is... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

Guys, are you struggling with life?

No, I don’t feel struggling with life. I’ve had my struggles like everyone else, but no life is without difficulties. It has its ups and downs. I think generally speaking, I have many good things... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

Which of these artists out of my current Cd collection do you listen to?

Bands I kind of regularly-ish listen to (currently) from your list: - Paramore (their early more rock-ish albums) - Snow Patrol (the album Eyes Open +The Lightning Strike + Signal Fire) -... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

What's the dumbest thing someone has gotten mad at you over?

When I was pretty young, I lived next to a fast food restaurant (e. g. Sonic) within walking distance of my house. On the occasion, I'd walk down with my sister to get food from there. With that... Entertainment & Arts

1 y

Do you think this is a bad sketch or awful artwork (not mine)?

I don’t think it looks horrible, but I’m also not wildly impressed by either. I think the rough sketch was honestly decent, but the translation into the final product didn’t turn out so perfect.... Entertainment & Arts

+1 y

Any opinions on my new music?

[Note: I can be pretty blunt with music reviews, and these are my own opinions and will differ from me to another person, so read on at your own risk!] I listened to it several times on my... Entertainment & Arts

+1 y

Did you think TWILIGHT was a good movie?

I’ll be real— I never have actually seen the movie. I just rag on it for the (mostly dead) “still a better love story than Twilight” meme. I don’t know if it’s a good movie or not. In all honesty,... Entertainment & Arts

+1 y

Do you like Tiktok? What are your favorite kinds of Tiktok videos?

I don't like TikTok. Granted, I also wasn't much of a Vine person either when that was a thing. I think the issue for me is that I prefer longer videos as opposed to 15 seconds. I find more... Entertainment & Arts

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