The Man In The Iron Mask?

Why would they put the face of the iron mask (engraved) on Dartagnan's grave stone when he dies?

The Man In The Iron Mask?

isn't it supposed to be a bad thing.. a bad memory, ? His son was trapped in this mask for years! why would they put this on his stone? xD I don't understand it... wt? f...


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  • is this from the movie? if so i vote crazy movie shenanigans

    • yeah, I just finished watching it... and at the end I see this...
      Dartangnan dies and the iron mask is engraved on his stone... Why on earth xD?

      If his son was so sad and terrified of the mask for being trapped in it for so many years... why would they put this on his grave... I just don't understand it o. o

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    • the only reason i could think of is it symbolizes his son or son's although it lead to his misery it helped him become the man he is unlike his brother who was free and turnout a totally asshole but its just theory and now that i think about it he had nothing to do with it being put there so dick move on the other guys part haha

    • Hahah okay sounds reasonable to a point... But it's still ironic and... Odd.. thanks!

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