The unfair life of lead guitarists.. Is lead guitar attractive?

Hey, girls
I know that most of you think that guitarists are hot, but what I've experienced, most of these so-called "hot guitarists" can't even be called guitarists, e. g. Justin Bieber or Jason Mraz. They've learned to play three chords, which anyone can learn in a coulpe of weeks. But lead guitarists who have taken ages to learn to play really fast (shredding) and impressive solos don't get that same attention. That is really unfair. I have spent years learning how to play solos and lead guitar in general, and there's still "guitarists" who get the same credit, if not even more, for something that anyone could learn how to play. This picture illustrates it:
The unfair life of lead guitarists..Is lead guitar attractive?
So my question is:
Is lead guitar attractive?
Here is a video of mine to illustrate what lead guitar actually is:


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  • I honestly don't care or lust after guys just because he can play a guitar. I do and produce music as well. I love music. Your talented and can really play. I never played an instrument before or know how to play a single one. But you have the skills. I would actually love to have someone like you to help with my musical projects. And I can tell that you love your guitar and music playing. Overall just be yourself. Talents just as looks are bonuses. What matters is his heart and who he is as a person. Because say if you never knew how to play a guitar, or have any other talent in that area, say you don't have nothing to offer interesting. Would she love you even if you have nothing, or only love you for your money? In fact, it wouldn't be love, but fake love and lust. Women like that are users. A girl who loves you, sticks with you with all your failures and accomplishments.


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  • couple of issues. If anyone thinks that Justin bieber is a guitarist then you probably don't want them to like you anyways.
    Your playing is great but don't get lost in shredding. Shredding is cool and all but does not replace the artistry of music.
    For example: many guitarists can play crazy fast, but their music becomes boring and repetitive quickly. Where as often the simplest of music holds tremendous value.
    As you know many of the greatest riffs are simple af.
    The guy who wrote Louie, louie was under contract for another song. He procrastinated longer and longer until the night before it was due he came up with Louie, Louie. He was so embarrassed to submit it as his work and figured it may end his career.
    It became one of the most famous songs and riffs of all time. Simple as fuck.

    In the end it's all about emotion. If you can grab people emotionally you have them.
    Bb King can't play full chords. Hands are to chub. But he is popular and loved because his playing is all from the heart and that makes it amazing.

    Now chicks: emotions resonate with chicks so if you can play that way the chicks will come. You have the talent and looks, as long as your personality is ok, learn some emotional stuff and the chicks will come.

    Guys are impressed by technical speed, women are impressed by sweet sounds.


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  • You are amazing! I love the way you're playing guitar!

  • I couldnt agree more. I dont get these people like Justin Bieber calling themselves musicians, its complete BS.
    Here is some actual guitar playing.

    • Hell yeah, that sounds good, even though it's not my genre. I really like these fellas' playing

    • I love them, Josh Turener (on the left) is an amazing musician and plays stuff from a bunch of different genres. Check out his youtube.

    • *Turner

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  • Girls aren't interested in them because they are guitarists. Girls are interested in them for their looks/songwriting/fame and they happen to be guitarists

  • That was good even though it wasn't my genre
    Being a musician what I've experienced is that people likes multi talented musicians more than just a singer or guitarist
    Like I do vocals, guitar and dj controller
    And if you do only one thing than you've to be perfect

  • What are you on about? The legendary lead guitarists of past and present have dedicated legions of fans - of people BEYOND braindead underage girls.

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