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Do You Believe In Paranormal Phenomena?

Are you ready for spooky horror stories? Happy reading, as much fun as it can be...

1. "When we looked back, we saw the light switch on and off."
One evening, we were sitting as a family and watching TV. All of a sudden, my German shepherd and terrier dogs pricked their ears and looked into the corridor behind us. The hallway light was off. I looked around the hallway but saw nothing. Even after 5 minutes, the dogs were still staring at the corridor and began to growl. My wife and I looked back and saw that the light switch had turned on and off. Both the dogs and we went crazy.'

It's the same scenario again."
A few weeks later. Same scenario again. The lights are off and we are watching a movie. My dog ​​loves to play with balls and there are balls all over the house. My dog ​​looked down the hall this time and wagged his tail. I swear a ball came down the aisle towards the dog. We all turned pale.'


2. "After this incident, the nightmares are over."
My mother-in-law has been having nightmares for a few weeks now, and in every nightmare she sees the house burning while we're all inside. When we woke up one morning, we smelled smoke from somewhere in the house. We noticed that the smoke was coming from the garage.

We saw the smoke coming from the fluorescent in the rafters. Probably burned out because the light was on all night. We all thought that a spirit was watching and protecting us. After this incident, my mother-in-law's nightmares came to an end.'


3. "Person, that's not you!"
We were having a heated conversation with a person I used to be close to. The conversation eventually turned into a passive-aggressive discussion. Then he got in the car and left. It came back when I got home. But his tone and appearance were different. He started saying things he would never say. I said, 'Person, that's not you!' I said. What he said to me was: 'You think I'm Person?'

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Friends, this part 1, part 2 will be coming soon, so don't forget to stay tuned!
Do You Believe In Paranormal Phenomena?
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