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What makes you “You”?

What makes you “You”?

I have just gotten off Taxi and walked 300 meters from the gate to my place,

On my way home, I folded my umbrella and enjoyed raindrops on my face.

I was weary and very slow at walking, because it’s rainy and slippery. I don’t want to fall again.

I am the type of person who was always in a rush, I have run in rain, I have danced in rain, I have brisk walked in rain, but I have never walked so peacefully, without a slight rush - not only in rain but never in my life.

I thought, what makes me - me?

I used to like my nose, I have broken it.

I used to like my speed and took pride in winning every competition and I am walking slowly for the first time in my life,

But still somehow, as broken as I might literally be, I can savor this moment in the rain and feel like nothing can break my spirit and I am still - me.

What is something that makes you - You?

What makes you “You”?
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