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Who are they Are they famous?

only in turkey?
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Are you good at remembering birthdays?

Sadly I’m not. I remember mine, my sister’s, my childhood crush’s, and dassit lmao. I don't know if its cause I hit my head about 10 years back but my short term memory is shit so I dont remember much of what I’m told in...
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What would you do if you got tricked into sacrificing your own child?

I know it's just a movie and fiction but this scene still gets me: What would you do if after your 8-10 year-old child got raped, your own sister (the child's aunt) tells you...
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Do you think that people who own dogs that attack other people - particularly if attack causes serious harm or death - should be charged or in jjail?

I look at it this way they're the owners dogs, owners' property. If the owner is a useless waste of space and not responsible enough it shouldn't matter if they end up in jail anyway. In every situation like...
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What's it like being poor?

Asking on here because most G@G users are broke losers lol
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Did you know that Woolly mammoths were around the same size as the modern African Elephant?

I noticed a lot of people were surprised to hear that because they thought it was way larger. BUT, there were enormous species of mammoth. The columbian mammoth which lived in...
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How often do you sweep things up with a broom?
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What songs represent a calm Sunday morning for you?

It can really be any wakeup song you'd prefer. Here are some of mine: • Coldplay - Reign of love • Foreign Fields - Names and Races • Alexi Murdoch - All My Days • S. Carey...
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Intelligence or Instinct?

intelligence or Instinct?
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What Music Makes You Feel Powerful & Dare I Say... Even Godlike?

Similar to the What Song Fuels Your God Complex? question I asked a while back. For me, it's instrumental songs with a certain type of beat & melody: Some others for me are:...
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Are you a very Patient Person?
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Do Indian ringneck parrots or Hahn's macaws have cuter voices?
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How would you feel if someone said this to describe you?

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A Little Guide for Those Who May Be Confused About This. Helpful? About half of these I can't actually relate to. For example, the one about having multiple pillows and being unable to decide what to eat, or running into a curb.
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Honestly how evil was this girl?

In this horror movie, an innocent kid gets framed for sexual attack. She framed him because she didn't want to continue getting bullied herself for being fat. Her adult self,...
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I just came back from exams and am bored so will ask this. Ok? What I said and also be HONEST!! Not that i want anyone lol but like today some students from other schools came to our school for exams...
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Girls, How would you feel if your husband was giving your son guns to carry to school in order to keep him safe? After the recent school shooting, your husband has decided to give your husband has decided to give your son a hand gun to carry to school. In addition to this, he also went the...
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Hey guys, I guess I will say bye for now, right? Watch the video there is everything lolBut yeah there is one anonymous freak who is literally being mean for no apparent reason... she has my Facebook photos calls me ugly...
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Can you whistle? How good are you at whistling?
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