I’ve started to grow more and more worried about when I will settle down and have children

As a traditional person I always thought I’d marry young. I was always very maternal and nurturing wanted to be a mother from a very young age. I always knew I would marry when I wanted to have children. It’s probably for...
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I have a short theory about UFOs (or UAPs).

What if, in those UFOs, aren't Aliens? What if they are people from other Earths just like ours? I've watched some Marvel movies and is still in the progress of watching The Flash (2014), and this thought, this theory...
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What Makes A Person Sexist Unfortunately, GaG algorithm knows I'm a feminist and likes to put it on everyday timeline — some guy being sexist and totally not seeing it. It's the gender envy, first of all. No gender has it...
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When was the last time you wrote and received a letter?

HAPPY LETTERS Letter writing and sending used to be the most common way people used to communicate, how it felt receiving a handwritten letter from someone you love and treasure. Children would write, draw your images of...
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Happiness and what really matters I think these topics are highly controversial and if you know me pretty well you know when you say "yes" I will say "no". Basically I like to argue. Also if you know me, you'll...
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Plants vs animals

So I found a question in quora which was something like, "how can people love animals and eat them?" And a user replied "Just like you love plants and eat them". Now I know that plants are not conscious beings but this...
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Ever told someone to let you down slowly

LET ME DOWN SLOWLY Loneliness!, a big word in the world today. But what is loneliness? Some say it's a strong emotion when you feel unwanted. I decided to say it differently, loneliness is a emotional feeling where your...
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STAIRWAY TO SEXISM pt. 3 Why sleeping around with multiple men is meant to insult women while the same thing other way around is a huge compliment to men? Screw your evolutionary perspective. It's so anti-woman, like, Oh...
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[Humans.. Stars…Circles]

Look, what I’m gonna tell you is that you can be comfortable just how you are, where you are, and not even worry about it. And I don’t mean this as far as hobbies goes- those should always be proactive. Even refreshing...
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Ways to Communicate Effectively in Relationships

Ways to Communicate Effectively in Relationships As we all know, relationships can be challenging, and communication is one of the most critical aspects that can make or break a relationship. Misunderstandings,...
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No-one is big in this universe.

Ask the Himalayas about camels and elephants. He will say, these are very small creatures. They are visible only when viewed through a microscope, otherwise they are not visible. Ask Earth if there is any news from the...
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The Manipulation and Deletion of Internet Search Results

It will no doubt come as no surprise to some, but the major search engine companies are very... selective let's say, when it comes to what people see when a search is initiated by someone who just wants information...
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Why every girl should have a full abdomen ultrasound scan in her early and late teenage years.

Every girl should have a full abdomen ultrasound scan in her early and late teenage years. That is, the scan should be done at the age of thirteen and at the age of eighteen and nineteen. Due to estrogen, progesterone,...
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Things I Ate Growing Up In Oklahoma

I saw this trend on tiktok and decided to make a myTake about my favorite foods I ate growing up in Oklahoma. Collard and turnip greens Beef Neck Bones Anasazi Beans Okra, tomatoes, and rice Black eyed peas and...
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I went from preferring men to be older than me to liking younger boys now - discussing how my taste has changed over the years

I’m 24, turning 25 this year (in fact this month) and my whole life I always thought I liked older men. I had a long term relationship from 15-23 with a boy almost six years older than me. I was so proud of it because...
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Do you question authority?

Our parents are our biggest influence-teachers and guides.. Our teachers also are our teachers-our mentors sometimes a trusted friend. The people that help us build our beliefs and foundation to ultimately become who we...
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Men are men for a reason, women humble yourself and know your place.

This might ruffle feathers and cause quite a controversy, I might even be hated after this and that's ok. Everyone is entitled to thier opinion, and being I have no filet on my mouth, y'all get to hear mine.. Embrace...
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Powers of a Miraculous World

So I got into this Disney show “Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug & Cat Noir” back in 2020. The storyline follows classmates/friends/families not realizing they’re related to or falling for one another’s superhero/villain...
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I yelled at a kid and here's why

Saturday I yelled at a kid because he kept chasing this girl after she told him to stop. She ran to me and said ''save me'' so I told the boy to stop. He said ''my parents told me I don't have to listen to you all the...
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How Food Affects Your Personality and Emotions

Without a doubt, eating is one of the things that everyone in the world enjoys the most. At least it is for me. This being the case, we are of course curious about the effects of food on both our body and our personality....
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