Are Americans starting to have enough of Black people?

Before you accuse me of trolling, hear me out.
I've been reading the comments on those articles about the Corona Virus killing a disproportionate number of black people, and I saw tons of comments on there that were applauding this. Comments like, "Guess the Coronavirus isn't all bad" and "The less of those people the better." And recently there was a story about a black family killing a security guard for making them wear a mask in the store, and I saw one person commented, "If only my ancestors had picked their own cotton, that guard would still be alive." Another comment read, "Blacks get angry when we make these stereotypes about them, yet they themselves are constantly reinforcing them." Not only were such comments being posted, but they were getting a lot of upvotes compared to downvotes, as well as tons of people replying that they agree with them.
I can't post a link or pics, because I am only Level 1, but I remember such comments would get posted before, and the poster would get completely destroyed, but now people seem to be supporting these kinds of comments. Is this evidence that Americans have had enough of black people? Black people specifically, how does this make you feel?
Are Americans starting to have enough of Black people?
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