What does it mean when I catch him staring at me, then he keeps staring at me but he doesn't look away?

he is always looking at me. and even though I look at him and he catches me looking at me he continues looking and staring at me and then smiles. does that mean he likes me or what? I really really like him and he is so tall and beautiful Latin looking like. he is only 7 months younger than me and I have known him for like 3 years now. I never thought that I would have such strong feelings for him. his two cousins are my two best friends in the entire world. and he is a really amazing friend as well. we are always texting and such. but recently I have watched him stare at me a lot and when he is talking to me he looks me straight in the eye and doesn't look at anyone else even though we are talking in a very big group I have no idea what to do and I don't think I could last this long without knowing if he likes me or not what do you think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • hes tryna tell you he likes you. maybe he wants you to make the firs move. most guys like that.