What does it mean when a guy kisses your neck?

My best friend tends to kiss my neck when I hug him now I'm just scared to hug him : \


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  • That's kind of weird. What kind of kiss is it? Is it just a peck on the neck or is he going for a full on hickie every time?

    If its the latter, then it probably means he's into you. I'd ask him about it, maybe in a joking way like "Haha why do you always kiss my neck haha" or something and see what he says

    • Its like he's making out with my neck ha ha .

      EWWW ! I have to whip it off me

  • it can mean anything really,he might want to be passionate,or to see if a girl gets turnon by it depends on the guy!

  • Sounds like a passionate kiss. A friend kiss is kissing on the cheek or forehead. He's clearly into you.

  • from the comment you gave it sounds like he is possiblly into you, I have heared of friends kissing on the forehead but not necks


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  • I have a guy friend that kisses the top of my head every time we hug. I think he is kind of in love with me, so I try to avoid being in that situation cause it's not really appropriate.