How do you flip the script on a girl and have her chasing you back instead?

This girl that I've been seeing loves to be the center of attention. Probably the only reason why we got to the point where were at is because I've given her a lot of it and have put all the moves on her and initiated everything. Something tells me that this girl is just flat out easy and if there were another guy in the picture putting the moves on her that she'd go for it as well without me knowing. You can call it insecurity or what not but the way I see it is I just don't want to be one left in the dust. So what my friends have told me is that instead of me chasing the whole time I got to make her chase back to keep her interested. So my question is how do I go about this situation?


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  • i wouldn't say make her jealous.

    maybe stop showing as much interest.

    it seems you've made it clear that you like her.

    if you back off, she'll wonder why and attempt

    to work for your attention,

    that she obviously likes.

    if she doesn't want your attention anymore,

    she doesn't really like you [sorry],

    just the attention that you've provided.


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  • I think you have to play her game and get attention from other females to get her jealous...


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