Why did my ex boyfriend say hi to me?

Okay so I haven't talked to my ex boyfriend in exactly a year since I broke up with him...and I was walking with my best friend and we walked by him and I was minding my own business when out of the blue he said " Hi Jessie!" I said hi back but then after I was like WTF!? why is he all of a sudden saying hi...idk could this mean something that I don't want :S


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  • He was probably being friendly, if you want to know if it mean something, then you prob not over him? Well wait and see before reacting. You need to see the same pattern of actions before you can tell.

    • ya true but even my friends thought it was weird,after the way we broke up for him to say hi so nicely was creepy.it's been a year..

  • he was just nice. to say hello to someone you have had contact with a period of life is completely normal.


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